Monday, 9 January 2012

My Very Very Grown Up New Year's Resolutions.

Happy new year lovelies!

I turned 22 at the weekend and because of this not really a milestone, milestone age, I started thinking it’s probably time to accept that I am now an actual, bona fide, legal grownup. Thus, it’s about time I made some grownup resolutions. Starting with the use of 'thus' in more sentences. 

Anyway here's what I've come up with:

1) Drink more water: Default resolution. Won’t happen. 

2) Make fewer cat noises: Paying particular attention to when there are other people in the room. 

3) Read more books: Let's be honest, you have definitely got stupider since you finished your degree- and before you start arguing, just cast your mind back to last week when you went to work with only one contact lens in and believed you were experiencing the phenomenon of ‘seeing in 3D’. 

4) Stop singing The Little Mermaid in the shower: You are not The Little Mermaid. 

5) Stop wondering which Hogwarts house you belong in: There is no place for grownups at Hogwarts. Anyway deep down you know full well you’re a Hufflepuff. You'll just have to get over it. 

6) Pass driving test: That means stop treating lessons like go-carting sessions with a safety human there to stop you crashing, and actually learn what the fricking hell the clutch does.

And should these improvements fail to turn my life around, I will just remember the pearls of wisdom spoken to me by my dear dear, 90 year old grandmother on my birthday:

Nana: Now you're 22 I think we should sit down and talk about your next step. Now, I've been seeing these girls your age and they come on the TV at 4 o clock every day to win money and pay off their student loans. And Noel Edmonds helps them.

Me: Are you talking about Deal or No Deal?

Nana: Yes! Deal or No Deal. So all I'm saying is, I don't want you to worry, there are always options.

SO! My official motto of 2012: There's always Deal or No Deal. Xx

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  1. hahaha. the little mermaid one.

    and it's okay, i totally sing the tarzan soundtrack (but thats okay because its phil collins) ;)